Friday, November 14, 2014

Happy ( Snowy ) Friday!

Yeah! It's Friday!  It snowed here last night in New Jersey... ( and so it begins...) It was a nice, pretty snow... it didn't stick to the roads or driveway ( yea, no shoveling! ) I got about 2 inches at my house. Farther up north about 20 minutes from me got up to 4 inches! Bonus surprise.... I got a phone call this morning that because of a water main break in my school's town there is no water to the school, so... NO SCHOOL!  I have two small errands in town to run this afternoon but other than that it is going to be a me, me, me day! I'm enjoying sitting here with my coffee and looking out the window at the snow on the mountain... so pretty... :)

Below are some pic's of what's been going on in the art room, enjoy! ( explanations to come another time, not in the mood to type right now...)

Signing off so I can go sit and work on this poor shawl that has been put on the back burner for months, maybe I will even get back to my crocodile stitch shawl too... time for some tea... :)

Have a great Friday all! ( I know I am! )         Mrs."C"  :)


  1. That feeling when you know you have an unexpected whole day in front you to do whatever you want is just the best!! Enjoy yours:)

  2. Enjoy your surprise day off. I always have mixed feelings about snow, I love it when I am indoors but I hate its disruption to everything. Luckily we don't get a lot here in the UK.

  3. A bonus Me, Me, Me day is the BEST!!!!! I am so glad for you the water main broke, those poor parents scrambling for childcare I bet were not happy.
    Hugs to you,