Thursday, November 28, 2013

Give Thanks...

Happy Thanksgiving to all out there in blogland who are celebrating with friends and family today! 
Have you seen the Thanksgiving Google this morning? It's going on my list of favorite Googles!
Have a great day and eat lot's of yummy food!

Mrs.C  :)

Thursday, November 7, 2013

What Does Your Art Room Really Look Like?

It's NJEA teacher convention today and tomorrow... no school for kids and many NJ teacher's are trekking down to Atlantic City for the State Teacher's convention.  I am about 2.5-3 hrs from AC so I am at home working on piles of artwork that need to be graded so I can load my first quarter grades into the system by Sunday at midnight.  
It's been a little crazy this year, busy, busy, busy... While I was taking a few minutes to gain some sanity before starting to assess art work I saw this post at This Old Art Room. Kristin posted a link to the blog,Teaching With Grace who is hosting a linky party so that we may share with each other what our rooms really look like from day to day! (For some reason blogger won't let me link to Teaching with Grace this morning, you can get to it by going to the link on This Old Artroom )
Everyone knows that the way our rooms look on the first day of school is not how they look from day to day! The reality of life is that it is filled with mess, clutter and piles of things that we put down and move around from class to class! The kids don't always put things back where they belong, I often will find things in very random places! Enjoy the following "real" pictures of my  art rooms I have pulled out of my blog history! 

FYI:  My rooms do not look like this at the moment... I actually organized everything before I left for the long weekend. Both of my desks are completely organized and visible ( amazing, but true ) , supplies are where they belong and artwork is all organized, shelved and in class folders. These are past pics, I will have to take new ones when I go back to school next week and update.

My sink at K-2 school after a painted paper session with second grade

What my hands look like, constantly...

Splatter paint Action Jackson style!

Yeah, thats the way to fold the smocks...

Busy printing our fish, Gyotaku

My desk from last year at K-2 school, I moved it to the space in the upper righthand corner of this pic this year.

OMG! Where is the desk?

Art work to organize! 

Couldn't even say how or why this area looks like this! From last school year sometime, This year my desk is where the little desk is, looks completely different.

Supplies for the day

Drying the water buckets. 

Supplies for Kindergarten

My watercolor sets are only pretty for about 5minutes after i open them!

Paints in use

Where is the paper cutter?

Well I guess I should get to work on assessing the piles of art work i brought home with me on Tuesday....

I'm really feeling the procrastination though...

I'm moving really slow this morning... think I will get dressed and go to Best Buy first, I need a new charging cord for my IPad... maybe hop over to Michael's Arts&Crafts to check out yarn and card making supplies while I'm over that way...and printer ink at Target... the art work will be here waiting for me to assess it later...

Have a good end of your week/weekend everyone!

Mrs.C  :)