Friday, February 3, 2012

5th grades finished 3D Line Designs(tornados)

Here are some of the finished 3D line designs (tornado's) from 5th grade.  (see post from 1/24/12)  They came out AWESOME!!!  The students are really proud of them!  They were definitely a lesson in patience but the outcome was worth it!  Some were done in black Sharpie marker and some were done in pencil.


  1. How big was your paper. I tried these with gr 6 on 12/18 paper and they hated it after a while. But we did do the next step which involves shading the spaces with colored pencil.

  2. I gave them 9x12 pieces of drawing paper. I tested it myself in different sizes to see how long it took me and then thought about how long their attention span would last with it! I never had them use color( a few chose to on their own but they were the exception)because it took a while to do just the lines! Took them 2-3 30 min classes. They did love how the project turned out though. I will definitely do this lesson again. :)