Thursday, May 3, 2012

4th Grade - Flower Watercolors

Things are crazy around here lately!  Third, fourth and fifth grades are testing for the next several weeks and we are trying to wrap up projects that started before vacation.  Due to the Spring Break, class trips and assemblies...  We are very behind in getting our art work done!  We only have five more weeks of school left until summer break and I have to squeeze in a few more projects!

I was looking in my archives of art work from this school year and found these watercolors my fourth grades created back in September.  It was a great starter project.  We looked at Van Gogh's Sunflower paintings and talked about how they could create their own flowers using simple shapes.  We also discussed ways they could draw their vases and reviewed using pattern to highlight parts of their picture.  The students began by drawing with pencil. When they finished their sketches, we outlined everything in oil pastel.  To finish up, they painted the everything else in watercolor.  This project covered a lot of the basics to get us out of our summer mode and back into thinking creatively.  We covered shapes, lines, pattern, drawing with basic watercolor technique and painting procedure. 


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