Friday, December 27, 2013

After the Festivities...

" If I wait here long enough maybe she will toss me some more turkey..."  
( every time I walk into the kitchen my cat Mrs.P comes in and sits and waits for turkey since we were feeding her tid-bits on Christmas as a treat! ) 

This plate was filled with cannoli and Italian pastries...    

Someone gave my husband the most ENORMOUS box of Whtiman's Chocolates! The box is around 18"x24" !!!  It is going to take the rest of winter to eat them all!!!  There are so many treats, goodies and leftovers I can't even look at them! 

All the snow we got the other weekend is gone ( it was 60+ degrees on Sunday and the mountains of snow we had completely melted! )  We had a dusting on Christmas Eve that made everything look pretty and wintery for Christmas...  

Christmas was happy, relaxed and filled with food, family and Wii bowling!!!  (The Wii hasn't seen action in a long time )

My yarn stash has turned into a messy, colorful pile in the corner...  I have my mother's afghan to finish, some more cowls to make ( I'm on a cowl kick... they are light enough I don't sweat my brain's out at work and warm enough around my neck to keep me cozy...) I found some great patterns at Whisper Twister.  I have made several of her Dream Away Cowl.  At first the lacy pattern looked challenging but I can now crochet them with out even looking! I use Lion Brand Amazing yarn. it only takes 1 and a tiny bit of a second ball to make. 

My daughter and I are going to go see Catching Fire at the movies this afternoon. I can't wait to see what happens next! Movie theater popcorn and Slushies! 

In the back of my mind assessment ideas and lesson plan ideas keep trying to creep out but I just write down the thought and push it back down into my brain for later... 

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and is relaxing! 

I just added a new link to my sidebar...  art2day  I read about it on The Art of Education this morning. It's awesome! Check it out!!!    :)

Mrs.C  :)


  1. That cowl is beautiful, I think I just might have to download it. We are going to see that movie this weekend, I hear it is fantastic. So glad you had a wonderful Christmas.

    1. I am on my 5th one! I now have one in purples, grays, maroons, greens and a purple-gray-green combo. I think that's enough for now... time to move on... :) ( that is until I find another color I want to make one in! :)

  2. Went to see Catching Fire on Friday with my daughter....did you love it!!!? If you haven't taken the time, definitely catch "Saving Mr. Banks" as well. Amazing movie. Enjoy the next few days of your break.

    1. Love it doesn't begin to describe it!!! We have both been," lets go back and watch it again!" It was a very intense movie! The show we went to see was sold out and we bought tickets for the next show before we left (which also ended up selling out! ). I came home and read the last book, Mockingjay because I had to know what happened! If you haven't read it, do... it pulls together loose ends and explains things about characters and their actions...

  3. Oh your kitty is a cutie!

    And I agree, Catching Fire was super. But the last book...oh my. I'm sure I'll see the movie and think it's great, but I did NOT like the final book. I can't exactly put my finger on it, but I just felt like it went too far somehow. And did I hear they are making it into TWO movies instead of one? Hope I am wrong.

  4. Me again - is your cat a calico or a tortoise-shell? Mines a tortoise and we adore her. (Good thing, since she has worked on ruining all our best furniture).

    1. I agree there was something about the last book that I didn't care for... I found it depressing, sad how all there lives were affected... and if they make it into two movies I'll be sad...I hat e when they do that! My cat Mrs."P" is a tortiseshell! I have had cats my entire life and didn't know there was a difference between calico and tortiseshell until we were looking at a cat book my daughter had... she has beautiful orange-browns! We actually have two cats, my other is a gray-white tabby, runt of her litter. They named her Sweetie-Pie at the shelter where we got her and Mrs."P" We kept the names they gave them because they had been living at the shelter for some time and figured they were used to them... They're both around 8 years old Mrs."P" is a big kitty around 12 lbs, Sweetie Pie is a runt and looks about a year old in size she weighs about 7lbs. Mrs."P" is an awesome mouser/protector , Sweetie Pie on the other hand .. she is seriously quirky with a few issues... we have had them since they were around a year old. We love them both but yes we have the same shredded ottoman... I don't know why they make scratching posts because cats don't use them!

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