Saturday, September 5, 2015

Creative Team Work

I'm sitting here this Saturday morning, sipping my coffee and trying to get a handle on all of the ideas that are spinning around in my head of things I want to do, get accomplished, in my art rooms this year!
So many inspirations from this summer that I just want to do it all... at the same time.... ( I know, not possible...)   I am starting with small baby steps and working towards my final results....

This is one of my first baby steps...  having a task that my students can start as soon as they sit down and work together as a creative team at their group to problem solve it.  This is the creative task I gave 2nd grade on Friday.  I explained to the class before they entered the art room that there was a large piece of paper on their table and oil pastels, they were to work as a team to come up with and draw as many  different types of lines as they could, together, as a team. This activity had a dual purpose because it got them working in creative collaborative teams but it also kept the students engaged while I was telling the kids what tables they would be sitting at this year.

The groups used their ideas for examples to refer to for the creative task we worked on.  This is the beginning of my students taking more ownership for their own learning and not just staring at me drawing examples on the board for them! It was a positive experience for all! I was also able to get a handle on how the classes worked together with each other. Some I had to gently nudge to get started and some started right away without any nudging at all! I also used this activity as a quick Formative Assessment to see where they all were with their knowledge of Line! I think we are off to a strong start!

One of my colleagues shares a "Happy Friday" quote, picture with all of us every week... this was the first one for this school year and it made me laugh out loud when I saw it! I made a copy to hang by my desks! I just had to share it with all of you. The week actually was not that rough but I am sure there will be some that will apply to this picture in the weeks to come!!!

                                                      Happy Back to School!

                                                              Mrs."C"  :)

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  1. Those kids are so lucky to have you as a teacher. Love the quote.