Saturday, July 20, 2013

Oh My God! The Ocean is BLUE!!!

Beautiful Bermuda

I made a huge discovery in the past nine days...  (for those of you who already knew this I'm apologizing ahead of time for all the blubbering I am about to do on this subject...)  Oh my God!  The ocean is truly the most GORGEOUS shade of blue when you leave New Jersey and travel out away from the Jersey Shore!  I am born and raised in New Jersey, spent many a summer day playing happily in the waves of the Atlantic Ocean on the Jersey Shore. For those of you who have never been to the Jersey Shore the ocean is greenish-gray color.

Atlantic Ocean at the Jersey Shore

I just spent the last nine days on a cruise to Bermuda, St. Marrten, San Juan-Puerto Rico and Labadee-Haiti.  My in-laws took my family on an amazing trip cruising on the Explorer of the Seas from the Royal Caribbean cruise line.  We left from Bayonne where the water was a similar color to the picture above but with out the surfer.

The next day I awoke to look out at the ocean and instantly yelled, "Oh My God!  The ocean is blue!"  Not just blue, but turquoise blue!  The closer we got to the Caribbean it became a deep, gorgeous, sapphire blue!  I couldn't stop talking about the color of the water! 

St. Marrten

You could stand chest deep in the water and see clearly to your feet!  Amazing!

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Labadee, Haiti

I will sadly never look at the ocean on the Jersey Shore the same again.  I have been forever spoiled by the beauty of the blue that I know it should be...

I have luggage sprawled all over the floor outside my laundry room waiting for me to open it up and wash everything inside.  Nah, not tonight.  Tomorrow's another day.

Mrs.C  :)


  1. I completely understand, I live in Florida, where the pictures tell you the water is blue, but it really is more of a grey/green/blue. My first time to the Islands I was in awe, could this be the same water so close to me? The blue/turquoise was a thing of beauty. And I, like you nev er look at my water the same.

    1. I know right? I went down to the Jersey Shore today for a family event and the restaurant was right on the beach. My daughter and I both looked at each other and said, " Wow...this could be so much prettier..." It just dose not have the same appeal anymore...Oh and the Jersey shore has a distinct smell at the water that I always thought was just the way the ocean smelled... Boy was I wrong! :( In Bermuda and the other islands there was no smell to the water... it was just pure and clean.... :)

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